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Automobile technology has gone to new levels. Various kinds of technological wonders are being implemented in the cars to making better driving experience. Transponder key is one great instance in this regard. Car Keys Perth is your destination when it comes to information, working and problems regarding transponder keys. We will let you know about each in details.

What is actually a transponder key?

Transponder keys are slightly different from normal car keys. There is a chip in the transponder key, which is installed right at the top of the key. It is through the chip that the car receives and sends signals. The ignition is only turned on when the transponder matches with that of the car. Because of the implemented technology, the cost of transponder keys is way higher than that of normal car keys. Though the technology was invented quite long ago, the implementation of the same in the automobile started much later. However, today almost all standard automobile giants provide transponder key facilities to customers.

Issues with transponder key

At Car Keys Perth, we receive lots of phone calls regarding issues with transponder keys. Some of the problems arise as people are not much aware of the technology used in it. Sometimes, inspite of having the right transponder key, the vehicle refuses to start. Our expert technicians can work on the problem and get it solved within a short span of time. There might be a problem with the programing of the key and hence the vehicle cannot match the codes for functioning. Our technicians can work on the codes and make the vehicle functional once again. Infact for safety’s sake, we also help in programing duplicate transponder keys so that if there is a problem with one, the other can be used.

Replacement of transponder key

We receive many cases where the customer has lost or misplaced the transponder key and hence the vehicle cannot be operated. Once you call us, our technicians will rush to the place and look into the problem immediately. We arrange in making replacement transponder keys for your car or we can also make a new key and program it with your automobile. Before handing over the key to you, we will check and recheck again and again to ensure smooth functioning without any hiccups.

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